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We like many folks found ourselves facing foreclosure in these difficult times.  The phone call to Kristine Taylor was the best thing that could have happened to us!  She compassionately explained our options to save our home verses short sale or foreclosure.  Our ultimate decision was to allow a short sale to walk away with a little dignity instead of the humiliation of eviction by foreclosure.  Kristine and her “right-hand”, Tina, have answered all our questions and supported us through this stressful process.  We have given Kristine’s number to a couple of friends that are in a similar situation as ours.  If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure, you won’t regret a phone call to Kristine Taylor and her great support team!

With the utmost respect,

Duane and Kelly A.

When I referred my client to you to help them sell their very over-encumbered  condo, I really didn’t think it would be possible. You got this short sale to go through with a !st mortgage a second mortgage Tax liens, past due association fees and other personal leans  AND in a very short period of time. You and your team are amazing and I can’t wait to refer another “short sale” client to you.

Thank you again, Everyone should consider the benefits of a short sale!

Kim Shoup

Mortgage Loan Office, Bank of America

Kristine; I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the hard work and all the help you and your team have done for me. Saving the Slot Peak property which is so dear to myself and my family I will never forget what you and your team have done to save this property for us. Thank you so muck, Skip Jarvis

Skip Jarvis

I will recommend your team to everyone I know!  I am 88 years old and I own 8 properties.  I have paid out $35,000.00 to a bankruptcy law firm, another law firm to help me modify my loans, and a modification company; and none of them did a thing!  They just took my money and won’t even return my phone calls!  Your team has helped me get back $3,000.00 from an insurance company who had me pay them even though I already had insurance with another company; and you are helping me restructure and get modified 6 of my properties that cash flow and I only have to sell one house.  I have never had a company help me in so many ways and not charge me a dime.

George Summers

After a few years of financial difficulties and a rental that lost so much equity..I really needed to get rid of a property that was not beneficial for me.  After a few attempts with other realtors …the property still hadn’t sold through short sale!  I was about to let the property go..until Kristine Taylor saved the day!  Her dedication, diligence and years of experience handling difficult real estate matters truly sets her apart.  I was so impressed at how quickly and efficiently everything was done and I’m so happy the property was able to be short saled and not let go to auction!  Thanks again Kristine!  Any property that I have in the future that needs to be sold..I am definitely listing it with you!  You are the best! 


I purchased a 4 bedroom home in Irvine at the top of the real estate market in 2004.  I was a single mother with 3 children and had a great job.  I was so happy to provide a home for my children in such a family friendly environment.  I knew the payments would be hard to keep up, but that if I managed my overhead carefully, everything would turn out OK.  Except that, it didn’t turn out OK.  My industry collapsed, my X engaged me in a lengthly and costly custody battle and in short, the bottom fell out of my carefully crafted life.

I attempted to negotiate a modification with my loan servicer for 17 months.  I hired an attorney to help me.  The attorney shut down his loan modification department and tried to keep the money I had given him.  The bank made me an offer on the phone, then sent me documents which reflected payments greater than the original amount I was trying to negotiate down.  I applied for a modification again, and the bank closed my modification application because they said they could not get  a hold of me, (despite the fact that I had been calling them weekly and they had my home, work and cell numbers and still called my mother in another state, almost daily).  Regardless, I submitted my 3rd modification application and supporting documents.  All in all, I submitted the package 4 times, while trying to raise 3 kids, fight for custody and maintain a demanding career which required substantial travel.

By Jan. 2011, I was contacted by the bank’s Short Sale department and I asked them to let me know the modification status before I would proceed.  Shortly thereafter I received a letter from the bank that the modification was not approved by the investor.   They asked me to sign an authorization for a deed in lieu of foreclosure, which would eliminate all my negotiating power.  I refused to sign it.   My options were a deed in lieu of foreclosure, short sale, or allow foreclosure.  Kristine Taylor contacted me and we discussed various options and the pros and cons of each.  We discussed the time frame involved in a short sale and what would be required of me, as well as the benefits to me.  I explained to Kristine that I had substantial legal bills and needed cash flow as well as to be relieved of future liability of the loans.  Kristine found me a qualified tenant with an excellent FICO score, within one week.  My cash flow began almost immediately upon working with Kristine.  She also brought me an offer from a qualified buyer within 24 hours of listing the property and helped me sell items of value in the home, to further increase my profitability.

I would recommend Kristine Taylor and her firms services to anyone who needs relief from their home. Kristine will listen to what your specific needs are and move mountains to make it happen!  Truly an innovative thinker and go getter.

I cannot say enough about how much she has helped our struggling family.

Grateful in South Orange County

Received the check on Saturday!!! Tom met w/ everyone on Sunday, everyone is happy thanks to you Kristine & all you do!  Words cannot describe my gratitude! You and your staff are awesome! Best wishes to all of you into the future!!!!! Sincerest thanks once again!

The Smith family

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